SQL Server Comparison Tool is the ultimate solution to find differences between SQL Server tables, stored procedures, functions and entire databases.

Very often there is a need to quickly find the differences between two databases.

For example, when updates or enhancements are to be deployed, sometimes there is a need to determine what changed in user's database since the previous update. Or, after finishing development cycle the changes done to the database need to be identified and copied to the master database. Take full advantage of SQL Server Comparison Tool to quickly find the changes!

Why waste precious time on something you can easily do with the software?

Finding differences by hand can be very time consuming and error prone process. Use SQL Server Comparison Tool power to discover all changes!
SQL Server Comparison Tool is the ultimate solution to your database mainenance needs!

What makes SQL Server Comparison Tool your must-have SQL Server utility?

  • No SQL knowledge required.
  • Create your own comparison processes.
  • Let any of 3 comparison modes - single, selective and bulk - do the hard work for you.
  • Tonnes of options to customize your comparisons.
  • Analyze and compare structure of Tables, Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers and Relationships in any of your SQL Server databases.
  • Compare data stored in tables.
  • Generate detailed reports displaying results of comparisons or analysis
  • Export data differences reports to HTML file or Excel (CSV) file (even if the computer performing analysis doesn't have Excel installed).
  • Filter objects by their ownerships.
  • Perform bulk comparisons and selective comparison.
  • Ignore selected columns during comparisons.
  • Fine tune data comparisons by specifying comparison method (record-by-record or primary key/index comparison).
  • Save ("record") comparison sessions so that they can be re-played later without need of re-entering the parameters.
  • Automate comparisons by using command line parameter.
  • Compare selected parts of object (table, procedure, etc) definitions.
  • Analysis and comparisons can be performed even on databases belonging to different servers.

SQL Server Comparison Tool is an ideal tool for DBAs and developers.

Please note that SQL Server Comparison Tool is very safe, "read-only" program.  Using it will never affect any data stored in your databases.  SCT is a tool designed to perform analysis and comparisons; it is not designed to change any structure or data.

SQL Server Comparison Tool supports all versions of SQL Server starting with version 7.0 till the latest version.