Super Easy SQL Server Comparison

Quickly find differences between SQL Server databases

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Did you ever forget to copy changes from the test database to production?

Don't let this happen againĀ - run SQL Server Comparison Tool!

With this program, you can quickly find the changes that were not deployed.

You can even automate comparisons by running SCT from the command line - learn more here.

Hands down the easiest and most affordable comparison tool on the market.

You don't need Ph.D. to run SCT, just point, click and see results.

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Compatible with Azure

You can compare SQL Server databases to Azure SQL databases.

No more comparing databases by hand!

Compare Structure

Easily analyze, compare, and document the structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers, and relationships.

Compare Data

Quickly compare data stored in tables and generate detailed reports displaying results of comparisons or analysis.

Reclaim Control of Your Databases

Take full control of your databases. Analysis and comparisons can be performed on databases belonging to different servers.


Here's why our customers love SQL Server Comparison Tool

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The most affordable SQL Server Comparison tool



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