Here's why our customers love SQL Server Comparison Tool

Joseph V.

Thankfully, the tool worked when I needed it most and I was able to catch 1 additional change before promoting some changes to production that my scripts had missed!!
So your tool was invaluable at preventing incorrect deployments.
I also was impressed how good the data review tool was which caught the problem of incorrect data element between two environments (Data)

Tom Britton

I downloaded and installed SQL_Comparison_Tool today, to try to resolve a problem with an application I'm maintaining. It worked! Thanks soooo much!
I'm finding your tool very well designed and functional.
If I have an opportunity to recommend an sql comparison tool to anyone, I will.

Edward Mansfield, Professional Loss Control

SQLCT is an excellent tool, BTW. After just a few weeks of use I have become dependent on it, and I am feeling lost without it. It has saved me hours of tedious manual cross-comparisons, and eliminated a lot of potential for human error. I have a growing number of SQL database instances all based on the same ‘master’ DB design, but each holding data for individual clients. I found SQLCT invaluable for comparing and validating the various DB instances whenever a change is introduced. I was considering cobbling together a simple DB comparison tool for the purpose myself, but SQLCT does everything I need, and so much more, and with a much more professional user interface than the simple command-line tool I was planning. And for a fraction of the cost, considering the time it would have taken me to build the tool I was planning.
Kudos to you for producing a really useful piece of software.

Adrian Mihalache

I have googled something like SQL Comparison Tool and I found some things including yours. I have tested few of them and I decided to buy yours (pretty good price). Nice tool to have, saves me a lot of time! Great job.

Sandra McGuinness

It's great to find both quality software and customer service combined.

Samuel Finkle, SSP Ltd

We were looking for a comparison product, and after checking a handful online, preferred the look and feel of yours.
I liked the fact we could download it and check how useful it will be, both checking schematic differences and also data.

Robert Adams

It's a great tool...

Richard A. Satin

This is a wonderful tool and I use it all the time. ... In the short time that I have been using it, the question is, how did I ever get along without.

Dana Smith

Thanks again for your tool - it has proven to be an essential part of my toolkit!

Jason Birch, City of Nanaimo

This is a very useful tool. After a couple days of testing, it was easy to convince my group to buy a 5-user pack.

Andrew Ladanowski, AddInSolutions Inc.

Thanks for the quick response.
I love your product.

Joshua Young, Triyon LLC

Several months ago I downloaded the trial versions of several DB Compare utilities that I was able to find using google. I had considerable trouble with most of the them crashing when attempting to analyze a production system, but using your product I was able to isolate and solve the problems I was having.
I decided to add it to my toolkit and have recommended it to a few others.

Casey Florig, Certegy

The tables comparison details is great! And the addition of details for stored procedures comparisons is a big plus!
I've forwarded my results to management, and they should be purchasing licenses soon. Thanks for your support and I look forward to utilizing this tool.

Richard van Klaveren

I downloaded the trial version of your SQL-Server comparison tool and used it heavily on two databases I had to synchronize. It helped me really a lot.

Ales Pozun, A. I. Informatika Pozun k.d.

Your SQL SCT is a really good tool for me - I am a software developer and I mostly use SQL as database engine.. I guess you know the rest..
This tool has made my days a bit easier ;)

Austin Hegwood, Bailey Nurseries, Inc.

The update works perfectly. Thanks for the great support for you product. This tool is great, it has saved me a lot of time. It has provided a solution to several issues I had when dealing with data stored and maintained at a vendor's location, and yet needed to stay synced with our own.

Mark S

I looked on google for a good comparison tool and somehow came upon your site. I downloaded the trial and was very impressed.
I do some QA testing among my VM's and this will be helpful to do before and after Data restore comparisons/verification.